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You have the hardware to play games, now let it earn you games with FreeLoadr and the crypto revolution.

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Over 2,500 Games To Choose From


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Start Mining

Run FreeLoadr and it will automatically start mining once you have logged in.

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Earn FreeLoadr points within a matter of minutes

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Use your FreeLoadr points immediately on our game store!

Getting New Games Is Simple

The crypto that your hardware earns is automatically converted into FreeLoadr points. Those FreeLoadr points can be used on our store the second you have earned them! No complicated wallets, exchanges, or transfers required.

About Us

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FreeLoadr is developed and maintained by Online Blockchain plc (OBC). OBC is the UK's leading blockchain company and is the creator of several crypto projects and cryptocurrencies, including PlusOneCoin (PLUS1). OBC is publicly traded on London's AIM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freeloadr allows gamers to earn games just by running our application. The system works by using your GPU(s) to mine crypto in the background, but rewarding the user in Freeloadr Points that can be immediately redeemed on our store – 2,500 titles strong – that features some of the hottest games available.
No! FreeLoadr may be identified as a threat by your antivirus, but this is common with mining software. FreeLoadr makes use of third-party, open source miners, but each is put through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they are safe to run -- we run FreeLoadr on our own machines. We like games too!
Yes, your hardware is technically mining crypto. You, however, do not have to bother with all the wallet and exchange complexities that comes along with that. We reward you with FreeLoadr points, only.
You can see the full list of games by registering, downloading the application, and browsing the store.
Sure! Check out our video on Youtube -- What is FreeLoadr? -- for a full demo.
We're here to answer any questions or help get you going. You can reach us on Discord.